Sap Pandit !!

Complete SAP-BASIS Solution

!!!Back To Action!!!

Hi All,

!!Namaste !!

Its a long time actually i was busy with my project and Its about to Go-live. So lots of pending task is there as I am alone handling all basis activities. Hope all of you are enjoying your life with SAP.
From last 45 days I have not taken any holiday, its continues working of daily 12 to 18 hrs. Tough, isn’t it? Not so much, because I am enjoying my work like anything!!

Even I worked sleepless for 48 hours ….At that time you may feel bad but it’s really Enjoying once everything is over!

!!24 Hour of Stress!!

1) First major blow on my head is for 24 hr as I started some transports at evening 08:00 PM which was sized around 2 GB ….(Tough time starts)……In the morning same process was going on and i was shocked and inform my manger …Let’s wait till 12.
SO now its 3 PM and everyone is losing his patience .Simply they come to me and ask when it’s going to be over?????? I have no idea so I told………….

Now time starts Tring-Tring-Tring

Different People Different ideas! Kill This Transport!! What the hell you are doing!! 18 hours!!!!You don’t know anything!!! !!Who told you to do this!!

But Thanks to My seniors and management because it’s finally completed at 07:30 PM with general warnings. Thank God it’s Over….Otherwise they can kill me at that time!!

2) Time to start installation for Application server I ran Pre-requisite test done Ok. Start installation!! What’s this JAVA_HOME not found????? Why? I have installed supported version only!! No problem let’s check on OS level …Hmm its working fine here also …….Time evening 06:00 PM cal OS team please and I asked them to install one lower version…But still same error!! NO YAAR
So now Again Start TRING TRING TRING ….Why u did not try with latest java????Sir it’s not supported by JAVA….Then I am sorry it’s too old.
Let me check oh JAVA is not ok I will get back to you soon …He never came back!! 🙂
Oh you guys every time disturb us don’t you know which version is working fine…???Sir same version is working fine for all the servers.But I don’t know why…and one more thing I did not design SAP application and JAVA so Please stop blaming and help us if you can…..Phone disconnected!!GUD
Finally OS team Reinstall everything again Morning 4:00 AM please check now…..Same Problem Now WHAT? Raise the same To SUN team…

Finally they came back to us and provided a solution in the 12:00 PM .OS team started work and then it’s done till evening 08:00PM.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA These 2 incidents I can never forget………

Hope you also have same stories from your sites!!! 🙂
Gagan Deep Kaushal

January 11, 2009 - Posted by | Back To Action, Nahi Bhulunga, Unforgettable

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  1. Good one.. You remember the exact conversation.. Great!

    Comment by Kumar | December 7, 2010 | Reply

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