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Run OS Commands from SAP GUI

Hi All,

What a interesting piece of information now you can run os commands from SAP GUI.

Just run report RSBDCOS0 in SA38 and enjoy .

You can change working directory and all.Now no need to ask sysadmin to give password also . 🙂

Hope all basis will enjoy now..Specially junior guys..

Enjoy maadi….

Gagan Deep kaushal

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Registering a program on the Gateway

RFC connection test in SM59 might give error similar to this


Logon Connection Error

Error Details Error when opening an RFC connection

Error Details ERROR: program not registered

Error Details LOCATION: SAP-Gateway on host / sapgw

Error Details DETAIL: TP not registered

Error Details COMPONENT: SAP-Gateway

Error Details COUNTER: 16793

Error Details MODULE: gwr3cpic.c

Error Details LINE: 1694

Error Details RETURN CODE: 679

Error Details SUBRC: 0

Error Details RELEASE: 700

Error Details TIME: Mon APR 17 13:08:02 2009

Error Details VERSION: 2


The program in the above error should be registered in the gateway for this connection test to complete successfully. The server program rfcexec is responsible for its registration on the gateway.

To register the program login into the OS level as sudo su – adm and execute the following command.

rfcexec –g -a -x

rfcexec is the server program name, the can be obtained from SM59, it is case sensitive and should match with the entry in SM59. The and can be obtained from the transaction SMGW. When this command is executed it goes to a hanging loop.

The connection will fail once this command is terminated or the user executing this command logs off

To avoid this, instead of using the above mentioned command an entry should be made in the file saprfc.ini

To do this, execute the following command

sudo su – adm

rfcexec –D

is the RFC destination name in SM59

So now we are done with registering the server program, but how do we check it is registered, once a server program is registered it is displayed in the Logged on clients in SMGW.

In transaction SMGW choose GOTO-> Logged on clients. There should be an entry for the server program in the screen that is displayed with system type Registered_TP (which indicates that the program is registered)

There can be many reasons due to which we might get this error saying server program is not registered, once such instance which I faced was where in the TREX server, a new RFC destination was defined, the TREX server creates a new program id each time this RFC destination is defined. This program id was not changed in TCP/IP connection is SM59 which was the reason why the destination was failing


Gagan Deep Kaushal

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Sap Solution Manager – Charm Urgent CorrectionView more documents from wlacaze.

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SAP Notes–That help me a lot


Through this blog i want to share some SAP note number that can help you in particular scenario because sometime its difficult to find out the same in service market place ……


Note 121178 – NT: Installation note for SSO Single Sign On

Note 1171650 – Automated Oracle DB parameter check

Note 830576 – Parameter recommendations for Oracle 10g

Note 153641 – Swap space requirement for R/3 64-bit kernel

Note 570375 – SAP on Sun Solaris: Swap Space and Paging

Note 63906 – Explanation for SWAP SPACE sizes in ST06

Note 150380 – Is MIT Kerberos 5 supported for use with SNC ?

Note 981875 – Optimizer merge fix for Oracle


Note 1152612 – Incorrect component type in structure WRMA_S_RESULT_DATA

Note 724713 – parameter settings for Solaris 10

Note 1038204 – Setting Up the Help Center in SAP CRM

Note 1318162 – Performance problem with document search in CRM

Note 1162685 – SAP CRM 2007 Webclient performance

Note 1277476 – Performance Issues with browser caching of Mime

Note 1255130 – WEBCUIF: Frontend performance w.r.t PAI and table

Note 1247380 – THTMLB cellerator resizing performance enhancement

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Problem in transport

Hi All,

Recently i have faced a issue with long running transports the reasons is some corrupted transports. So once you met this error you will not be able to even transport any other request.So here is the procedure through which you can resolve any issue related to STMS

1.) Ask everybody to leave the STMS transaction

2.) Ensure that there are no running transports (I mean currently
started) and kill all “tp” processes on all application server of BWP

3.) Copy to another location the content of /usr/sap/trans/tmp
afterwards truncate the content of /usr/sap/trans/tmp

4.) Delete the content of TRBAT and TRJOB tables on BWP if they
containing some entries

5.) Please take a screenshot of the Import Monitor of BWP and after that delete the entry within

6.) Start the failing imports again.

Enjoy Maadi……………

Gagan Deep Kaushal

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How to change default log-off url in CRM web ui ??

HI All,

In CRM new WEB UI, when profile other than IC_AGENT is assigned, there will be a system link “Log Off”. When user clicks on it, the web ui session will be killed, and a page will be displayed. Normally it will be

So here i am sharing how to change that link

In spro->Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework
->Technical Role Definition->Define Technical Profile
The field URL serves for this purpose.

So change the URL in url field and next time when you click log-off it will display your customized page.


Gagan Deep Kaushal

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Setting Up the Help Center in SAP CRM

Hi All,

These days i am updating lot of things about CRM ….dont get bored will update you soon with some new products also ….mean while i dont have much option …

So here is the process to install the Help center for CRM WEB UI just equivalent to SAP Library in our CRM ABAP or R3 ABAP…

Follow these steps …

1) Download library from For the documentation on SAP CRM 2007, go to SAP CRM 2007 -> CRM Product -> Business User Documentation.

2) Unpack the ZIP file and install the business user documentation to a local file server.

3) In SAP CRM, start transaction SR13.

4) Remove all entries on tab “DynamicHelp” if there are any.

5) Make the following settings depending on if you have installed the documentation on a local file server or a web server:
Local File Server:
Go to tab “PlainHTMLFile” and fill the entries as follows:

Variant: enter a name for the variant, for example “HelpEnglish1”

Platform: “WN32” if you are using Microsoft Windows, else select from the F4 help.

Area: “XML_DOCU”

Path: Enter the path where the help is stored, for example “\\fileserver00\helpfiles\”

“Language”: Enter the language key, for example “EN” for English or “DE” for German.

Default”: Select one language entry as a default. This will be the fallback entry in case a language is not available.

To make the help available in several languages, you need to add one additional line per language, with a different variant name and language key.

Save your entries.

6) In Customizing, go to Sap Web Application Server -> Knowledge Management -> Settings in the Application System -> Sequence of Enhancements in Customer Namespace. Make the following entries
Enhancement: “700”.
Select “Execute”.
7) Re-start the Web user interface of SAP CRM. The “Help Center” and “?” links should now work in CRM WEB UI.

Note: While sharing HELP FILES take care that you create a folder and then put EN inside that like


Gagan Deep Kaushal

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Oracle DB Performance Issue

Hi All,

Here i am sharing some steps that can help you to improve your oracle Performance ,Performance slow down has its own reasons on different sites but still you can try these common steps ….

1) Update statistics (The most common thing you can do first update you DB statistics if you are not doing this on regular basis.

2) Collect No work load statistics by using sqlplus command “


3) Collect workload statistics :


: Number of minutes during which you are to determine the WORKLOAD statistics.

4) Check alert log file for any warning errors common scenario:

a) ORA-01654: unable to extend
b) ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments:
To resolve these check your table space and increase them appropriately.

c) Check Point not complete …Its a major issue that can effect your performance

Proposed solution : Increase the size of redologs by following below link :


These are the first aid steps you can perform rest you need to analyze with oracle DBA.

Gagan Deep Kaushal

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How do you add your company logo in CRM 2007 WEB UI?

Hi All,

Here is the procedure to add your Company’s logo in CRM 2007 WEB UI

Step 1: Open the BSP application THTMLB_STYLES in the ABAP workbench SE80. Open the folders MIMES->sap_skins->defaults->styling->Ishape in the same order.

Step 2: You will find an image ‘logo.png’ in the folder Ishape. Open the context menu (using right-click mouse button) and select ‘Update and Replace’. Select your company GIF or JPG image file from your local folder in your PC.

So ….Its Done Enjoy Maadi……..

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How To Add Company Logo in SAP Screen

Hi All,

Steps to add company’s LOGO

Transaction code – SMW0

Select Binary data for WebRFC application

press Enter

Click Execute

Click Settings -> Maintain MIME types

Click the Create button

Fill in :- TYPE : image/gif EXTENSION : .GIF

Click Save

Click Back to the Binary data for WebRFC

Click Create
Fill in :- Obj. name : zlogo.gif
Description : Company Logo

Click Import and specify the filename where your
GIF file is located.File type is BIN. Finish press the
Transfer button.
If successful, your logo will be shown in the Binary data for WebRFC.

Now run Transaction code SM30 – Table/View – SSM_CUST
Click Maintain
Click New Entries
Name Value to be set
START_IMAGE zlogo.gif

Logoff and Login again

Now you can see the Logo…

Gagan Deep Kaushal

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