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Problem in transport

Hi All,

Recently i have faced a issue with long running transports the reasons is some corrupted transports. So once you met this error you will not be able to even transport any other request.So here is the procedure through which you can resolve any issue related to STMS

1.) Ask everybody to leave the STMS transaction

2.) Ensure that there are no running transports (I mean currently
started) and kill all “tp” processes on all application server of BWP

3.) Copy to another location the content of /usr/sap/trans/tmp
afterwards truncate the content of /usr/sap/trans/tmp

4.) Delete the content of TRBAT and TRJOB tables on BWP if they
containing some entries

5.) Please take a screenshot of the Import Monitor of BWP and after that delete the entry within

6.) Start the failing imports again.

Enjoy Maadi……………

Gagan Deep Kaushal


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How to change default log-off url in CRM web ui ??

HI All,

In CRM new WEB UI, when profile other than IC_AGENT is assigned, there will be a system link “Log Off”. When user clicks on it, the web ui session will be killed, and a page will be displayed. Normally it will be

So here i am sharing how to change that link

In spro->Customer Relationship Management->UI Framework
->Technical Role Definition->Define Technical Profile
The field URL serves for this purpose.

So change the URL in url field and next time when you click log-off it will display your customized page.


Gagan Deep Kaushal

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