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How to Lock or Unlock a Client in SAP ?

Hi All,

Here i am writing the procedure to lock amd unlock a client in SAP,very rarely we need to use it..But stil u should know so follow these simple steps…

1) To lock or unlock a client in R/3 System, run the following function modules in

transaction se37

2. SCCR_LOCK_CLIENT ( to lock the client)
3. SCCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT (to unlock the client)

Run these functions with a client input which is to be locked/unlocked. This function set flag ” Client is locked temporarily for client copy” in client maintenance menu.The client will be available for users DDIC and SAP*. If any other user tries to login, system gives message that ‘ Client locked temporarily’.

To unlock the client

1. Run transaction SE37
2. Enter the function module as SCCR_UNLOCK_CLIENT
3. press F8 or test run (single run).
4. Specify the client and execute(F8).

Follow similar procedure for locking the client…

Enjoy ……..

Gagan Deep Kaushal

January 23, 2009 Posted by | How to Lock or Unlock a Client in SAP ?, SAP BASIS TRICKS | 1 Comment