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SAP Notes–That help me a lot


Through this blog i want to share some SAP note number that can help you in particular scenario because sometime its difficult to find out the same in service market place ……


Note 121178 – NT: Installation note for SSO Single Sign On

Note 1171650 – Automated Oracle DB parameter check

Note 830576 – Parameter recommendations for Oracle 10g

Note 153641 – Swap space requirement for R/3 64-bit kernel

Note 570375 – SAP on Sun Solaris: Swap Space and Paging

Note 63906 – Explanation for SWAP SPACE sizes in ST06

Note 150380 – Is MIT Kerberos 5 supported for use with SNC ?

Note 981875 – Optimizer merge fix for Oracle


Note 1152612 – Incorrect component type in structure WRMA_S_RESULT_DATA

Note 724713 – parameter settings for Solaris 10

Note 1038204 – Setting Up the Help Center in SAP CRM

Note 1318162 – Performance problem with document search in CRM

Note 1162685 – SAP CRM 2007 Webclient performance

Note 1277476 – Performance Issues with browser caching of Mime

Note 1255130 – WEBCUIF: Frontend performance w.r.t PAI and table

Note 1247380 – THTMLB cellerator resizing performance enhancement

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