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Setting Up the Help Center in SAP CRM

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These days i am updating lot of things about CRM ….dont get bored will update you soon with some new products also ….mean while i dont have much option …

So here is the process to install the Help center for CRM WEB UI just equivalent to SAP Library in our CRM ABAP or R3 ABAP…

Follow these steps …

1) Download library from For the documentation on SAP CRM 2007, go to SAP CRM 2007 -> CRM Product -> Business User Documentation.

2) Unpack the ZIP file and install the business user documentation to a local file server.

3) In SAP CRM, start transaction SR13.

4) Remove all entries on tab “DynamicHelp” if there are any.

5) Make the following settings depending on if you have installed the documentation on a local file server or a web server:
Local File Server:
Go to tab “PlainHTMLFile” and fill the entries as follows:

Variant: enter a name for the variant, for example “HelpEnglish1”

Platform: “WN32” if you are using Microsoft Windows, else select from the F4 help.

Area: “XML_DOCU”

Path: Enter the path where the help is stored, for example “\\fileserver00\helpfiles\”

“Language”: Enter the language key, for example “EN” for English or “DE” for German.

Default”: Select one language entry as a default. This will be the fallback entry in case a language is not available.

To make the help available in several languages, you need to add one additional line per language, with a different variant name and language key.

Save your entries.

6) In Customizing, go to Sap Web Application Server -> Knowledge Management -> Settings in the Application System -> Sequence of Enhancements in Customer Namespace. Make the following entries
Enhancement: “700”.
Select “Execute”.
7) Re-start the Web user interface of SAP CRM. The “Help Center” and “?” links should now work in CRM WEB UI.

Note: While sharing HELP FILES take care that you create a folder and then put EN inside that like


Gagan Deep Kaushal

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